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Changing the way we pay referees  

"YesRef gives us at the college the freedom to pay referees on the day of the game and keep track of all the costs all in one place." -  Perry Morgan - New City College, London

YesRef Credit

Pioneering a Digital revolution in referee payments

YesRef credit has been added to the features of YesRef as a it was a very popular request among sports providers all over the country. 

The credit feature allows you to upload any amount of money to your account, which can then be used to pay referees across multiple sports. 

We enable easy and secure digital payments at a click of a button. Furthermore YesRef credit is designed to further increase efficiency and reduce admin related tasks across multiple sports.


YesRef credit revolutionises the way referees are paid 

 Pre-loading credit into your YesRef account will make match day even easier. This is the perfect solution for sports providers with multiple users not having access to the same bank account. Simply load credit onto your account as required (or ask the treasurer to do it) and then use this credit to pay your referees. You will receive invoices and receipts for payments, and the in-app data will show you who has been paid.



Projekt bez tytułu-7.png
Projekt bez tytułu.png

YesRef credit can be self-uploaded into the platform by visiting the account page. Simply add the amount you wish to add to your credit, adding your PO number if required.


You will then be prompted to log into your online banking to choose the account you wish to pay from and that is it. The transaction will be complete and the credit will be uploaded to your account in real time.


An invoice will be sent to the users email address when the transaction is complete.  It really is that simple!

Why not book a demo to discuss YesRef with one of our friendly team! 

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