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The easy way to find games and get paid digitally!

YesRef makes finding games and getting paid easier than ever before. 

Why use YesRef?

Our FREE to use platform puts you in control. Choose your game, choose your role and choose how you would like to be paid.

Find Local Games

Our #LiveGamesList gives you 24/7 access to local refereeing opportunities 

Digital Payments

Receive secure payments without sharing your payment details

Anytime, Anywhere

Manage everything on your terms, from your mobile or desktop.


Your go to place to find local opportunities, giving you more chances to learn and earn.

Choose your role from the #livegameslist posted by our Sport Providers and receive instant confirmation.

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Personal Payment Portal

An easier way to get paid, without having to share your payment details. 

Manage how you get paid and keep up to date with your payment history from one location. 

Receive notifications via email each time you get paid from a Sports Provider. 



“The payment is so easy on YesRef. I'd like to see as many leagues as possible using it” 


—  Mike, Referee